Experience has taught us that three levels best provides a pricing structure fair to the clients and a service structure which effectively addresses personal care tasks broadly enough to assure that prices to clients do not change to frequently.

Level 1:
Individuals are fairly self-supporting, only needing a helping hand to maintain their independence.
Provides basic congregate service plus medications assistance, reminding and some stand by assistance with ADL’s.

Level 2:
Individuals who may need some reminding or encouragement to attend meals, activities or participate in
personal care, but also require personal individualized assistance on an intermittent basis.
Includes all of level 1 plus moderate assistance with ADL’s, special diets and some required protective oversight.

Level 3:
Individuals requiring closer supervision of staff time for added assistance may fall into this level.
F or residents who need intensive and regular assistance with several ADL’s or who require more intensive nursing tasks
e.g insulin dependent.